• Product name: Smart sanitary equipment LUVA BIDET
  • Product code: LB204
  • Origin: Vietnam (100% Korean technology)
  • Brand: LUVA
  • Material: Primary ABS plastic
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Box size: 50x47x12 cm
  • Warranty: 36 months
  • Number of nozzles: 2 nozzles
BIDET is an existing toilet seat that adds a smart self-wash toilets, similar to the high-end toilets in hotels!
Great product for your home life. Go heavy, go light, hemorrhoids, children, sick old people … use are very clean and gentle.
This is the most advanced sanitation method in the world that civilized countries are using!
The LB-204 version is an upgraded version of the LB-203 including the toilet lid, replacing the old toilet lid, for beautiful aesthetics, smooth opening and closing of the toilet lid. The product has the function of washing hot water for linen and has 2 stainless steel wash nozzles with 2 features: Anal wash, similar woman wash on the LB203.
Video introduction and installation

Product photos

Product’s name : LUVA BIDET intelligent sanitary cleaning equipment
Product code : LB204
Origin : Vietnam (100% Korean technology)
Brand: LUVA
Material : Raw ABS plastic
Weight : 2.3kg
Box size : 50x47x12 cm
Warranty : 36 months
Number of nozzles : 2 nozzles


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