Why electric toilets are very popular in Japan but rarely seen in Vietnam?

The toilet is equipped with all functions such as self-flushing, washing, temperature sensor so that users do not get cold in winter …
Le Hong Dang (a student studying abroad in Japan) shared about the first time experiencing a toilet in the country of sunrise: “When I was in Vietnam, I heard about ‘paradise toilet’ in Japan, but when directly experiencing, I still cannot help but be surprised “. The toilet is equipped with all the functions such as self-flushing, washing, temperature sensor so that users do not get cold in winter … lice, these smart toilets also have music playback mode to help solve the problem of noise skillfully.
“Most of all, my impression is the cleanliness and aroma of Japanese toilets. The pure white toilets with no yellow stains have dispelled all my previous aversion to public toilets, ”said Hong Dang.
Although the utility of the product is many, but we rarely encounter this product in Vietnam. The reason why?
1 / Expensive cost
To own smart toilets using electricity, Vietnamese people have to spend 15-20 million VND for a product imported from Japan. At such a cost this product is normally only found in high-end hotels and villas.
2 / Different toilets
If you come to Japan for the first time, you will have to be skeptical and wonder why in this country there is no such thing as sharing a bathroom with a toilet in the same place as Vietnam. Of course, common cases are still available, but very few, usually only in houses that were built long ago and have no conditions to rebuild.
Building a toilet separate from the bathroom is a Japanese delicacy, not only containing cultural significance, but also for the purpose of preventing disease.
In Vietnam, most of the bathrooms and toilets are in the same room to save space. Therefore, when using electric cleaning equipment, it is very unsafe because water will splash on the device when bathing, and the product durability is low.
3 / Design available
To install electric sanitary ware, we need to install electric and water lines before finishing the house, because when it is finished, to install more, it will have to destroy the structure, very complicated.
Smart sanitary shower equipment has been present in Vietnam
Previously, if you wanted to own this smart toilet shower in Vietnam, consumers had only one option, which was to buy imported products at a very high tax-inclusive price. But nowadays, Japanese high-end sanitary equipment that gives users many conveniences have appeared in Vietnam with LUVA BIDET products, made in Vietnam, bringing cheaper costs than imported goods but still Genuine warranty for 3 years.

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